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Terms of Service (TOS)

Commissioning Me:

By commissioning Sewpoke you agree to abide by the terms of service as set out on this ​page. Payment for plushes is always due up front, in full, before any work will be started. ​The cost of postage is then due upon completion of the plush (with the exception of small ​plushes where the postage cost is specified at the time of purchase). There is no option for ​collecting plushes in person unless at a convention. I retain the right to refuse or cancel a ​commission for any reason at any time and refund any payments.


You are entitled to a full refund at any time up until work has started on the plush. If you ​specify a fabric choice that is different to any usual fabric I may use or have in stock, no ​refund will be offered for the cost price of the fabric, unless at my discretion (this includes ​but is not limited to faux fur, specially dyed minky, velboa, etc.) Once work has started on ​your plush, no refund can be offered, unless at my discretion.


Unless specified, I will choose the most appropriate colour/s of fabric, thread or paint for ​the commission. With the exception of extreme errors on my part, plushes will not be ​altered once completed because of colours. Fabric does not come in every colour, and in ​some cases an exact match is not possible. For shoulderpets and tsumtsum plushes, unless ​specified the thread colour on the eyes will be black.


You are responsible for the cost of posting your commission. Postage cost is due on ​completion. I will not charge you more than it will cost me to post the item. Once an item is ​posted, it is no longer my responsibility. I will only ever offer replacement for items lost in ​the post, refunds will not be issued under any circumstance. If your plush has gone missing, ​let me know no more than 6 months after the postage date.


If a deadline is specified at the time of purchase and is more than 2 weeks for small plushes ​or 4 weeks for large plushes ahead of time, I will make sure the plush is delivered on time. ​You will be responsible for postage and you may be asked to pay for an express delivery to ​assure the plush is delivered. I retain the right to refuse any deadline for any reason.

Broken Plushes:

I offer a lifetime repair service for all plushes, until the time Sewpoke ceases business. You ​will be responsible for the cost of posting the plush to me for repair, and also for the ​postage to return it to you. I retain the right to refuse any repair for any reason. I will ​not repair plushes that have been deliberately damaged or improperly treated. I will not ​repair plushes that are excessively dirty. If a plush is lost in the post on the way to me for ​repair, I am unable to offer any kind of compensation. I do not offer a service to clean ​plushes.

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Repairing and Cleaning Plushes:

For a guide on cleaning plushes made with ​minky, check out this guide by ​ButtercupBabyPPG (click the picture to ​head over to the original deviantART ​submission).

Please keep in mind my plushes are not ​suitable for machine washing! Putting your ​plush in the machine will likely cause ​damage.

If your plush has any airbrushed markings ​or details whatsoever, please do not get it ​wet. Shoot me an email at ​ with photos of the ​part of the plush that needs cleaning, and I ​will advise.


I offer a repair service for any of my ​plushes should they become damaged - ​please head over to the TOS tab to check ​out the details, and then shoot me an email ​at with the date ​you purchased the plush (a rough ​guesstimate is okay) and photos of the ​damage.

If your plush has only a minor injury, you ​should be able to fix it yourself!

For a simple popped seam (a hole along a ​seam line), check out this guide on WikiHow. ​These are easy problems to fix and your ​plush should be feeling better in no time. If ​your plush has lost an ear, a piece of mane, ​a wing, or anything that is handsewn on, ​you can use a strong piece of thread and a ​whip stitch to sew it back into place. ​Minky scars easily, so you will probably be ​able to see where the piece was sewn on ​originally - just follow that! For a guide on ​whip stitching, let's go back to WikiHow. If ​your plush has another kind of ailment, ​feel free to email me with photos and I'll ​take a look.

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Customer Testimonals

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Your butts are the best

- H Hampson

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